Administration Division

Provides a variety of support services for the Director’s Office and the programmatic Divisions of the Department. Services include budget administration; grant and contract management; accounting and procurement functions; epidemiology; and public health preparedness. The Administration Division can be reached at (860) 757-4700.

Services & Programs

Public Health Preparedness

Maternal and Child Health Division

The health of pregnant families and their babies before, during and after birth is important to the City of Hartford. Parents who do not have health services or access to health services while pregnant can miss learning about medical issues that can impact a pregnancy, like a mother having high blood pressure or the baby being born too early or too small.

Since 1980, we expanded our maternal and child health services (MCH) to monitor those issues that may be creating challenges for pregnant families to carry their pregnancies full term. MCH has home visiting services to support families so they may have a healthy pregnancy and learn more about healthy lifestyle changes to support keeping their families safe and healthy. With the goal of promoting and improving the health of mothers, fathers, and children in Hartford, the MCH Division offers services to parents, children and their families through a variety of free-of-charge and coordinated programs. Inquiries about MIOP, NFN, Federal Healthy Start Program, and IAP can be made to (860) 757-4820. For questions about the WIC Program, please dial (860) 757-4780.

The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division

The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division works toward the prevention of infectious and communicable diseases as well as promoting health and wellness to the residents of Hartford. The Division has a host of programs aimed at addressing the disproportionate disease rates affecting Hartford residents, health inequities and disparities in Hartford are key factors to diminishing. With the exception of Epidemiology, questions for the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division can be addressed at (860) 757-4830.

Services & Programs

Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics
Opioid and Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention Program
Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic
Ryan White - HIV/STD Help
HIV Prevention
Community Health Screenings and Health Fairs
STD/HIV Training Site
Hartford Comprehensive Cancer Task Force
Ryan White/HOPWA Data Integration Project
Greater Hartford Women's Healthy Heart
HIV/Hepatitis-C Coinfection Project

The Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division strives to protect and improve health and quality of life for all Hartford residents and visitors by improving the environmental quality where they live, eat, learn, work, and play. The Division pursues these principles by advancing health-protective environmental practices and policies. As a result, the Division's work ensures safe and nutritious food; protection from nuisance; prevention of exposure to hazardous chemicals; and quality neighborhoods throughout the City of Hartford. While environmental health is interconnected with many sectors and industries, the Environmental Health Division's core services are lead screening and abatement, food safety, and nuisance regulation.

The Environmental Health Division’s main phone number is (860) 757-4760; general email should be sent to

Senior and Community Services

By design, the Senior and Community Services Division is comprised of an array of vital programs that ultimately promote self-sufficiency and independent living for Hartford’s senior citizens and vulnerable populations.